Preschool Level 

Readiness preschool centers “Coffee Kindergarten”
This program began in 2012 as an education strategy to prevent child labor in Guatemala and contribute to school readiness in rural coffee growing areas.The content and methodology used in the readiness centers aim to teach 4 to 7 year old children of farm workers develop skills and abilities to read and write. 

Active Rural School Program –ERA- 

ERA program started 18 years ago in preschool, elementary and high school
educational institutions in rural areas covered by Funcafé.The Ministry of Education, through the General Direction of Accreditation and Certification -DIGEACE- certified the program, with resolution DACI/DIGEACE/ No. 09-2012. With this model students become the learning center, and through practice, students develop the ability to build their own knowledge and the teacher becomes the subject of the education fact that “guides, supports and follows up” the learning process. 

Parents constitute the primary educators of their children and they support teachers in the task of educating in decision-making, conflict resolution, etc.

Regular Preschoo

The ERA program in preschool level helps developing self-esteem, basic skills and behaviors in children, for better intellectual and emotional adaptation in first grade. 

Regular Elementary Level

The main objective for children enrolled in the elementary level (1st to 6th .grade) is to build critical and creative appropiation abilities of science and technology for the rescue and preservation of the environment and a comprehensive sustainable development. 

Adult Education Literacy

As a strategy to raise the development of women and men in adulthood working in coffee production units the “Yes I Can” literacy process aims to provide the opportunity to align their studies and to work with the individual and community development.

High School Degree in Arts and Science, with specialization in Coffee  Production in Private School Las Nubes.

The private Coffee School “Las Nubes” began in January 2011 with 11 students, between men and women. It is located in Finca “ Las Nubes” in San Francisco Zapotitlán, Suchitepéquez.Through the RCVCP, in Huehuetenango and in San Marcos during 2015, 10 out of 19 students of
the fourth promotion were benefited with scholarships, supported by the
United States Agency for International Development –USAID- This school, as an education entity,facilitates the development of skills,creativity and innovation using technology as a tool for understanding the world in its complexity. It also offeres training from agriculture practices, developing skills to produce high quality coffee.

Strenghten business management skills of coffee producers, providing professionals with tools in growing coffee, efficient administration skills, and social responsibility.

The modality of this school is alternating with on-site sessions for three days per week, plus directed and supervised sessions where the students are based.

Bachelor Degree with Orientation in Horticulture 

This high school aims to train young people on entrepreneurship knowledge,  innovation and horticultural technology, management skills and marketing. Funcafé made an alliance with Del Valle University, located in Sololá, to implement the horticultural career. For a two year period, during weekends, students have to attend the university’s headquarters in Sololá.

School for parents

This program is implemented in each of the private schools located in coffee areas, to educate and to engage parents in integral community development activities, through training on family communication issues, self-esteem, gender equity, human relationships, sexual and reproductive health, family planning methods, breastfeeding and nutrition, among others.