Exchange Empowerment Women Projects

From June 26th to the 28th,  37 women members of coffee cooperatives and associations from Guatemala and El Salvador gathered at the headquarters of the National Coffee Association to begin an exchange of experiences as part of the initiative "Women Empowerment In Rural Areas “ with the support of the Instituto Italo Latino Americano - ILI -.

The activities began with a luncheon in which the ladies presented themselves, followed by the field activities accompanied by the Funcafé team at Cooperativa La Voz que Clama en el Desierto, located in San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, where they observed the empowerment of women, their intervention in actions and decision making in the cooperative.

The women associated to the cooperative of the Coffee Council of El Salvador expressed their satisfaction to learn new ideas and experiences from their Guatemalan counterparts; women from the cooperatives of Guatemala, also expressed that they will implement the new actions they learned to support the development of their community.

Women from Guatemala that participated in the event belong to Cooperativa La Voz que Clama en el Desierto, Sololá; Chipolem Chiyó and SAMAC both from Alta Verapaz These cooperatives have been supported by the Italian Cooperation through the CaféyCaffe Project.