In order to increase quality and coverage, emphasizing on preventive health care, 16 health centers have been established carrying out 64.796 health services providing:

1. Quality Care

2. Preventive Health

3. General Care

4. Dental Care

5. Child Care

6. Prenatal Care

7. Training in reproductive and sexual health

8. Family Planning

9. Prevention of cervical cancer


• Mariano Galvez University EPS doctors in health centers of Acogua II, Acogua IV, San Pedrana, Acatenango and Christian Clinics in Guatemala.

• Graduation of 215 health promoters trained by staff of health care centers.

• 342 food bags given to patients of health care centers

• 926 patients attended in odontology, ophtalmology and general medicine medical missions

• 20,922 trainings in hygene, cleanliness, self-esteem, first aid and preventive health issues