Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector towards HIV/AIDS

Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector towards HIV/AIDS The “Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector on HIV/AIDS” was announced in 2015 with the intention to promote prevention of HIV infections  among collaborators of the coffee sector.

During the 2015 trainings on peer educators (teachers - facilitators) were performed, who later applied the training directly in their workplace (15 production centers). The Implementation Guide Policy and Guide Educator and Facilitator was designed and validated.


• Annual Commemoration of the International HIV/AIDS Day, in coordination with national and

international institutions specialized in this topic.

• Strengthening of public and private alliances with UNAIDS, ILO, CONUSIDA and CAMAGRO.

• Training of 52 peer facilitators to replicate the implementation of the policy.

• 15 work places committed to implementing the policy in their labor posts.

Training of the HIV/AIDS Policy, La Loma Farm, Acatenango Cooparative, Chimaltenango

• Signing of the International Labor Organization Agreement to continue actions of the Pilot Plan for the implementation of the policy in production centers.