Scholarship recepients from Escuela de Caficultura Volcanic and Las Nubes won reading contest

From August 20 thru the 24 high school students from Escuela de Caficultura Volcanic, San Marcos, in Caserío Platanillo, San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta  and Escuela de Caficultura Las Nubes in San Francisco Zapotitlán, Suchitepéquez, carried out reading contests organized by Funcafé in order to encourage and motivate students to improve their quality and reading accuracy.

23 students from 4th grade from Escuela de Caficultura Volcanic and 27 students from 4th and 5th grade from Escuela de Caficultura Las Nubes participated in the competition demonstrating their skills in reading and writing.


Nitai Marcos Gabriel Ramirez, Nery Javier Ramirez Lisbeth Gonzalez and Lucia De Leon Lopez were the first three winners from Volcanic San Marcos; Eilzon Santiago Perez Escobar, Tito Guadalupe Adelso Lucas Morales and Gustavo Velasquez Galicia were the  winners from Las Nubes.  They all received a diploma and medal as a prize.

The six winning students enrolled in the high school scholarship awarded by Funcafé with the support of Rural Value Chains Project -RVCP-.